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Iwori Rote, The 256 Odu of Ifá: A Concise Reference Manual in English, 4th edition, 2007, 262 pages.

Pid: 2033

Supremely to the point, this Ifá odu treatise (Tratado de Odun) concisely presents each sign’s principal components:

  • Prayer in Yoruba/Lucumí
  • Plant (Spanish common name)
  • Eshú
  • what the sign marks
  • what it brings
  • its sayings or proverbs
  • its “commentaries” or advice
  • how the awó “works” the sign (ebós, paraldos, and other actions, etc.)

The Manual will be greatly appreciated by all non-Spanish speaking awós or those who have English-speaking clients and need clean and to-the-point translations.

Iwori Rote’s English style is natural and idiomatic, avoiding the stiffness and confusing literalness of many recent translation attempts.

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