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Revise Ofrendas
Paño Yemayá Okute
Approx. 38” – 42”
Satin, brocade, sequins

Pid: 3340

Designed by Nong.

Haute Couture designer Nong thinks outside the box. Literally. She’s revolutionized the paño form, which she fashions as a flower, santísimo, and fin fin okán set of references with its elements radiating from the center. It drapes over the sopera very harmoniously and invites a conventional and simpler satin paño to be placed beneath it to cover the pedestal and to add more layering. Nong’s new series of paños emply the finest satin and brocade, and because of their new complexity, command premium prices: prices worthy of our royal orishas.

All orisha roads, as well as other orishas, such as Eleguá, Ogún, Oshosi, and Agayú will soon be available on Folkcuba.com
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