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J. Omosade Awolalu, Yoruba Beliefs & Sacrificial Rites

Pid: 2018

203 pages / páginas

An indispensable work on the theory and practice of Yoruba religion in Southwestern Nigeria. Awolalu brings in great detail the most central concepts, ceremonies, and vocabulary. These will be immediately recognizable and useful to priests and students of the Diaspora Osha and Candomblé religions.

Awolalu presents his material in the following sections:


  • Beliefs: Belief in the Supreme Being (Olodumare, Olorun, Eleda, etc.)
  • Belief in Divinities and Spirits (main orishas, geographical formations)
  • Belief in the Ancestors (burial, reincarnation, veneration)
  • Belief in Mysterious Powers (incantations, medicine, witchcraft)


  • Sacrificial Rites (liturgy, prayer, music, dance, sacrifice, sacred people and places)
  • Divination and Sacrifice (obi, erindinlogun, opele, Ifá)
  • The Meaning and Purpose of Sacrifice
  • Types of Sacrifice
  • Elements of Sacrificial Rites (victims, materials, symbolic meanings, preparation, invocation, presentation)
  • Factors Militating against Traditional Rites (Islam, Chrisitianity, Education)
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