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ylj Ileana Alcamo, y Nl: Primordial Yoruba Mother, The Source, 2006.

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103 pages / pginas

Mo juba awon iya, afin ju eye,
Reverence to the Mothers, the beautiful birds,
Iba Awon Iyami sornga-nga.

A woman who isan ylj, Aw If, and ylj needs to know what her spiritual connection is with Orun (heaven) and Aiye (earth) in each one of every diverse manifestation inside the creation. We, as women, should realize that our physical and spiritual correlation with j energy have been granted to us as a guide to seek how to empower our spiritual development without abusing or altering the balance of existence. Alongside the wisdom of being an ylj and as an Aw If, this j energy gives us the intellectual approach of matrilineal ancestry, which is an important fountain inside the entire wisdom of existence.

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