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Miguel. W. Ramos, Ilarí Obá. On the Orishas’ Roads and Pathways: Oshún Deity of Femininity.
Miami: Eleda.org Publications, 2014

396 pp.

Pid: 3428

396 pages / páginas
Dr. Ramos’ new book is a great achievement. A beautiful example of “blurred genres,” it combines a smart, well-written scholarly text based on extensive ethno-historical fieldwork with the traditional genre of the sacred “treatise” of the Lucumí religion. Ramos shrewdly weaves together oral history, primary source archival history, African-Diaspora historiography, and his own practical wisdom acquired over decades as a master-of-ceremonies in the Yoruba religion. The work exemplifies academic professionalism and great heart, born of Ramos’ identity as a priest of Oshún.
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