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1000+ (African) rs Yorb Names by Chief Fama

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About 1000+ (African)rs Yorb Names

Whether you are an If practitioner, a researcher, or student exploring the culture and religion of the Yorb, 1,000+ (African) rs/Yorb Names will make your search for a name interesting and memorable.

For the first time 1,000+ (African) rs/Yorb Names and their meanings have been gathered in a single book. The book is filled with easy to read, concise definitions. It includes variations of spellings and the acceptable contractions of each name. 1,000+ (African) rs/Yorb Names is an accessible way to help you gain the knowledge and confidence you need for insightful and responsible name choices in all kinds of situations.
-- 'Fdunmd

1,000+ (African) rs/Yorb Names is indispensable to English-speaking priest of African-Diaspora Yoruba religions, particularly in order to choose sacred names during the It reading of Osha and If initiations. The book provides names and epithets for children born to drummers, names given to s, gn, If, Obtl, sos, sun, Oya, Sng, and Yemoja priests, as well as names referring to royalty, wealth, and warriors.
-- David H. Brown, Ph.D.

A Sample of Oy Names": / Un ejemplo de nombres para Oy:

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